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Digital transformation of marketing and sales
in the energy industry


I have been working as a marketing and sales expert in the energy industry since 2009. In recent years I have successfully implemented projects in the field of digital transformation and new, innovative business models for national and municipal energy supply companies.
My passion burns for customer-centric sales processes and the implementation of sustainable business models such as photovoltaics and electromobility.
I have already driven 100,000 km fully electric. Would you like to find out more? 
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Wohngebäude mit Solarmodulen


Want to go the extra mile

"The desire for a meaningful working life, a work-life balance and a corporate culture that reflects personal interests is opposed to a world undergoing economic and geopolitical change. The will to drive innovation and go the extra mile to remain internationally competitive does not seem to be a high priority. The results show a strong persistence." Source: OB Manager-Barometer 2022

Learn error culture and innovation

"Even though three-quarters of those surveyed want a corporate culture that fits their own values, they also observe that a culture of error is still not widespread in Germany." Source: OB Manager-Barometer 2022

Sustainability must become part of the corporate culture

"It shows that essential values ​​such as sustainable management and action have still not been integrated into company processes. In view of the climate and energy crisis, which is threatening the existence of Germany and especially medium-sized companies, this fact is significant." Source: OB Manager-Barometer 2022



Ulrich, SN

“We need more professionals
who play the digital keyboard and also understand the people who have to carry the piano up to the fourth floor."

Peter, HE

"Digital sales have reached an impressive level of maturity. Now we have to anchor the new skills permanently in the company."

Andrew, RLP

"The first 100 solar systems were anything but standard. 
We demanded a lot from our teams and the company."

Competences & Skills

Riesenkampff.Consulting offers digital transformation of marketing and sales for the energy industry. 

Optimization of
core business

Building new digital sales and marketing channels or skills. Digital transformation of sales processes.

Operationalization of sales innovations

Implementation of customer-centric sales innovations

from the core organization

or on the green field. 

Transformation and change management

Auditing and on-the-job coaching to increase digital maturity within
of marketing and sales organizations

Optimization of the core business

Paper. Fax. Copier. What sounds like the well-known children's game rock-paper-scissors is still common practice in many areas. Terms like agility, innovation, or digitization are burned out. What now?

operationalization of
sales innovations

What are the operative success factors for the implementation of an innovation? You can #just do itto learn? What does the project mean for the organization, the team or my talents?

Transformation and change management

The world is changing, but why should this affect my work? Inertia is a powerful antagonist. Find out what is possible in four years of change management.

- Interim management - 

offshore discount

That moves me. That motivates me.

Looking back on the last few years in the German energy industry, two events have been formative. First, the Paris Agreement in 2015 and the recent pandemic.

Both still have an echo: I became particularly aware of the challenges in the community environment. The world does not only consist of multi-national corporations. The change begins on site.The energy transition is made by people for people. At the same time, digitization must be understood and used like a tool. As a boutique consultancy, I don't describe distant strategic visions, I translate them into feasible objectives and measurable key results for the here and now: I support you in the areas of tension between customers, innovators and the operational team. I am your #EnergyRevolutionist

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517 Richmond St #1202, London, ON N6A 3E8, Canada

Deidesheimer Strasse 11, 14197 Berlin, Germany

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+1 (226) 503 8012

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